Tutorial How to Get Extra Income from Agora Images

How to Get Additional Income from Agora Images – Uploading photos on social media is definitely a common thing for many people. But it’s all nothing more than a gallery.

But, did you know that there is a website where you can sell photos online that can make money. For some, this may sound new.

However, now many people are starting to switch from just posting photos on social media. Now using the agora images platform.

You can make money just by selling your photos. Then, how to get money through Agora Images? Please read this article to the end.

One of these online photo selling applications is Agora Images. A platform that you can get on iOS.

What are Agora Images?

The platform that currently accommodates many photographers and people who like photography. Starting to attract a lot of interest from people who want to make money selling photos.

Basically, Agora Images is an online photo shop and photo repository for both professional and novice photographers.

Agora Images has an algorithm in which each user is given a star. Then this star is useful for rating the photos they like. You can give stars from 1 to 100.

If you are interested in trying to use the Agora Images application, the download link is at the bottom of the article.

How To Sell Photos On Agora Images

Well, the star serves as an assessment of a photographic work to the person who receives it. If your photo gets a lot of stars from every photo uploaded.

Then you can sell the photo at a higher price. Because many people judge that your photos are really good and special.

The key is to always consistently upload exclusive and unique photos in order to get a lot of stars. The more the photos you will be more recognized and expensive.

How To Make Money On Agora Images

What’s interesting about this photo selling application is that other people or companies can make requests directly to you. Usually they ask you to make a photo according to what they want.

Of course you can negotiate directly about the price with the company. The better and more unique your work is, the more people will be interested in ordering photos.

Some companies also use this Agora application to hold contests with the themes they specify. The goal is to get photos that match their company. It’s kind of a contest.

Of course the selected photos will be purchased at a fairly high price. If you feel you have high quality and photo skills. then this is a money making opportunity.

But keep in mind that the competition in this application is quite tight. But, if your photos really represent the company, quality will speak for itself.

You can be one of the winners of the contest being promoted. This of course will further raise your name and open up greater opportunities for you.

How To Earn Money By Sharing Photos

Uniquely from this photo selling application, one of which is that you can share your photos to other social media such as Facebook. Agora will give you 50 stars every time you share 1 photo to facebook.

This allows you to get a lot of new followers within your apps and social media. Which is likely more and more people are interested and pay for your photos.

How To Buy Photos From Agora Images For Companies

In the dashboard of this Agora application, the Public Business option is available. This option is open to companies that want to collaborate or are in need of images for the benefit of the company.

Here the company has a functional role such as requesting photos or images to professional or amateur photographers.

To be able to get the desired image or photo, the company must contact Agora first. Because Agora has provided facilities, namely providing images or photos that are in accordance with the company’s wishes.

Companies can directly email hello@agoraimages.com and they will ask what image your company is looking for.


Well, that was an interesting discussion from our team about how to sell photos on agora images. Although slightly different from other platforms such as iStocphoto and Shutterstock.

However, this money-making photo selling app is worth checking out. Because not many people are using it. This meal could be your chance to excel at selling photos on Agora Images. Good luck, Good Luck.

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